The vision

Thoughts on the home.

Celebrate your story.

Home is a universal need. It is a personal space where we can really be ourselves, recharge, host friends, make memories, and so much more. Naturally, each home is as unique as the individuals living in it, and the objects we choose to surround ourselves with reflect that. Good design is truly transformative, whether it's the elegant curved form of a chair that is like music to your eyes or a well-designed object that elevates a utilitarian task into a delightful ritual. 
We spend countless hours scavenging dusty old homes and thrift stores, and searching the depths of the web to find one-of-a-kind treasures to share with you in hopes that we can help you tell a part of your story, and most importantly, celebrate it!  

Cutting back on waste.

Giving objects a second life.

Vintage furniture is the future! We are growing more and more disheartened with the uncertainty of how some home goods are unethically produced, and the throwaway culture of poor quality, nondurable furniture resulting in massive waste. We won't get into details but it's a scary number. 
We thought it made sense to go back to our roots, find well-made and thoughtfully designed furniture and objects of the past that have lasted for decades and prolong its life even more. Giving things a second life may not change the world but if more of us go on this trajectory we could cut down on the landfill. Vintage furniture also just looks amazing and full of character. Beautiful to look at + recycling = win.  

Our Story


Ninze hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is the eye and creative spirit behind Long Weekend. She transitioned from graphic design and began nurturing her obsession with interior design after renovating her first home. She really enjoys hunting for unique finds and is always up for an adventure.

Nayden comes from the small mountain town of Troyan, Bulgaria, and is the restorer and handyman of the family. He has a background in building, construction, and metalworking, and is happiest when grilling a feast on the fire Francis Mallmann-style.
They met in 2012 at a rave in Brooklyn, fast forward to 2016, they decided to leave the party life and move upstate to the Catskills for some simple living and fresh country air. They now live in a log house with 2 cats and 2 dogs. Long Weekend opened in August 2019.  
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