Woohoo!! Long Weekend Turns One!!!


And just like that, we've been in business for a year!

Long Weekend has now seen four seasons and grown quite a lot.

We’ve made friends and allies online and gotten to know fellow vintage addicts in person.

We’ve traveled around the country to find incredible inventory.

We’ve sourced from enchanted mid-century carriage homes in Jersey, and timeless barns in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

We’ve built relationships with talented makers, designers, creators, and craftspeople.

We’ve learned the joy of seeing pieces go home with people who love them.

It can be bittersweet! Sometimes you get attached to things; they’re that special.

Eilis downright collapsed the day her favorite patchwork suede chair left the store, even knowing it was going to the perfect place, with a couple who is going to adore and enjoy it as much as we did.

We sold a beloved hanging egg chair to a couple who recently reported that they still haven’t been able to sit in it; their eight-year-old twins claimed it within minutes of delivery and these twins are not currently receiving guests.

And the books! Our collection of vintage books is approaching Epic status, from paperback 1960’s sci-fi to 19th Century adventure, to brand new contemporary meditations on country living and city quitting. The covers alone are enough to send your mind on flights to far off and wonderful places. Do come by and leaf through one - or a copy of the ever-fashionable DVEight or the inimitable Manor Ink, while relaxing in the embrace of one of our chairs. You won’t regret it.

The last two months - with the reopening of local stores, peaceful protests, and delicious meals at outdoor restaurants - have been the most wonderful rediscovery of community and well, each other, of course! We continue to feel that special love for peppering your homes with special vintage goods. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautifying yours.

We’ve missed you, and it’s hard to put into words how very good it has been to see all of you again.

With much love,

Ninze, Eilis & Nayden, and the furry family.