2 Queens Summer Wildflower Honey

  • 100% Raw Honey from the Catskills and Delaware Valley

    Summer Wildflower Honey comes from hives located in the lush green fields of a working Catskill apple orchard and farm. Located less than a mile from the Delaware River, this wonderful bee-friendly spot is full of goldenrod, clover, thistle, wildflowers, buckwheat, and over 15 varieties of apple trees. Its medium to dark color is the result of the bees combining all of these wonderful nectar sources into an incredibly delicious, complex, and savory honey. It's big in honey flavor, medium in sweetness, and has warm undertones of caramel, chocolate, and wildflower magic. Perfect for baking, over ice cream, beer making, with fruit, or simply on toast with goat cheese.

    Hive Location: Beach Lake, PA
    Flavor Notes: Clover, Wild Herbs, Wildflowers, Fruit, Floral Aromatics

    Net Wt. 12 ounces (340g)