City Quitters: An Exploration of Post-Urban Life

  • What does it mean to leave the city behind? Can the reality of living in the countryside fulfill our desire for a better, simpler, more creative life? Karen Rosenkranz's extensive book sheds a light on what rural life can be like today, with all its joys and challenges, providing a fresh look at the people and scenes thriving outside urban spaces.

    From experimental co-habitation in a renaissance castle to oversized artworks on a farm, City Quitters offers a global perspective on creative post-urban life: 22 stories from 12 countries and five continents, all based in places with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.


  • Product designer by training, Karen Rosenkranz spent most of her career researching people’s behaviour and attitude to help brands design for the future. From her London home-base, her work as ethnographer and trend forecaster has taken her around the world: from listening to young artists in Istanbul to observing mothers preparing dinner in Mexico City and discussing Chinese social media with fashion bloggers in Shanghai. A passion to discover peoples thinking pattern combined with her rural Austrian roots, lead to a personal fascination with the subject matter of City Quitters and the creation of this book.